Gas Fires

Say No to Cold Winter With the Best Gas Fires for your Home

Have you ever felt envious when seeing those amazing fireplaces with the whole family gathered together around them? That’s one of the characteristics of the fire: it’s an invitation to come together, to share stories and, of course, to say no to severe weather conditions once you’re at home. You don’t have to be cold anymore, the incredible gas fires have been designed for your comfort and delight. Let’s get to know more about these modern world marvels.

When you’re going to choose your gas fires, make sure you know all the possibilities there are available on the market. The following characteristics can be found in only one of the fires or they can be spread in several of them. According to the price you want to pay is that you’ll obtain more or fewer advantages. So, before buying, have a look at all these features:

• Wall hung: this option optimizes the space available in your home. You don’t have to think where to put your fire or if that table has to be moved from where it is to leave free space for your new acquisition. Just spot the place where you spend more time in your house and place it just in front of it.

• Manual control: now are the owners of the best fireplaces who are going to be envious of you because they have to leave their comfortable resting nooks to dig into that fire to make it more lively. With the manual control of your gas fires, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments much more easily and without getting your clothes full of soot.

• Convected & radiant heat output: the combination of these two forces creates the perfect synergy to make your home a warm place.

• Thermostat control: to prevent the room getting too hot, the inclusion of a device to control temperature is an option when you don’t want to be constantly keeping an eye to gas fires and enjoy your life letting the professionals take care of you.

• Dual fuel technology: this system allows you to enjoy the fire either if you’ve got natural gas at home or not since it also works with liquid propane.

• Heats up to 1,000 sq ft: this will depend on the size and power of the gas fires model, but they can heat a space from 30 sq ft to 1,000.

Why have gas fires instead of a traditional wood fireplace?

• Convenience: can you imagine the difference in time to switch on one of these wonders with just an on system and the long minutes you need to make your log catch fire? There’s no possible comparison between two systems that have nothing to do with the way they work to offer the same benefit.

• No need for a chimney sweep: in order to let Santa slip down your chimney (by the way, to prevent your house from filling of a dark, thick smoke as well), you have to use the chimney sweep from time to time. The good news is that you won’t have this dirty, time-consuming chore anymore with a gas fire.

• A cleaner home: the traditional fireplaces are not only noticed at home by the pleasant temperature it creates and for the cracks of the wood in contact with the fire, they are also very well known because of the ashes they leave on the floor along with carbonised pieces of wood. None of these problems will appear if you choose one of the gas fires.

• Safety: gas fires offer a sealed combustion system, a fact that eliminates the uneasiness and the dangers of breathing combustion gases released to the room.

• No environmental impact: when you receive the warmth from a wood fireplace, the environment outside suffers much more than what you can imagine. The smoked released by your chimney creates big impact regarding the air pollution issue.

Conclusion About Gas Fires

You may still stick to the traditional idea of a real fireplace at home, but you’ll soon become aware that the advantages are on the side of the new gas fires. Why continuing refusing to have a warm and clean home at the same time. Pleasure, comfort, convenience and good price can coexist together in one product and gas fireplaces are the proof of that.

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