How to Make your Shade Sails Last Longer

Despite having your shade sail created with trusted and high-quality materials for durability, the consistent exposure to different kinds of elements can still deplete its strength and tension. To maintain your shade sail’s reliability, here are ways you can follow to extend its life.


  1. Secure Installation is Essential

It might seem easy to install shade sails yourself, but in reality, it takes accuracy and precision to avoid having your shade sails stolen by the wind. If improperly installed, unnecessary damage and compromised safety might be problems you’ll have to face. Don’t hesitate to call professional shade sail installer if you’re having difficulty in installing one by yourself. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Maintenance

Having your shade sail be exposed to various nit and grit – rain, bird droppings, dead leaves, and sometimes animal remains – is inevitable since it is installed out in the open. Cleaning it once a month can prevent early wearing out, and the accumulation of molds and mildew smells. Using detergent without the acidic chemicals is recommended in cleaning since these chemicals can weaken the UV light protection and lose its purpose to provide the right shade. Another idea to take note of is to avoid washing the fabric with a washing machine for this may cause rips or breakage.

  1. How to Clean Your Shade Sail

As mentioned above, always avoid strong detergents and washing machines. Also, scrubbing your shade sail with a firm brush or an abrasive cleaner may cause potential damage. Merely using mild soap and a soft bristled brush in removing dirt is enough. However, if your shade sail needs a thorough cleaning, here are a few tips you can use.

  • As much as possible, try to wash your shade sail while the sun is still out. Having the fabric dry quickly is essential to avoid mildew buildup.
  • After removing your shade sail, put it on a clean and smooth surface to prevent risks of tears and rips during the brushing process.
  • When using high-pressure water to clean, create a safe distance from your shade sail. The fabric might not be able to withstand too much pressure, thus creating holes.

Checking the fabric’s tension is also a good idea before re-installing it after cleaning to check if it’s still durable enough. Follow these useful tips to enjoy that backyard relaxation with your family, and to save yourself from spending on a new shade sail.


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