3 Creative Ways to Use Oak Beams in Your Patio

If you want the best look for your patio, the oak beams from the UK are among the best to choose from. They are a guarantee of longevity and durability, making your patio look its utmost best. Once you’ve chosen your color and type of oak beam, here are three tips to give them that stunning finish.



Once you’ve chosen your oak beams UK for your patio, you can paint them to add a beautiful finished look. With different types and colors of paint, you can choose from water and oil-based to glossy or matte finishes. For the kind of wood that has a chalky surface and that bleeds tannins, oil-based paint is what is typically used. However, plenty also use acrylic latex paint since it quickly dries with easy cleanup, it doesn’t expand and encloses moisture, and it contracts with your oak beam. Remember that latex and oil doesn’t work both ways. You can apply latex paint over oil, but you can’t use oil paint over latex.



If you want to preserve the feel and natural color of your oak beam instead of painting them, then staining is the recommended choice. It’s just as common as another method for wood finishing. There are different choices of types and colors of stains. However, similar to how paint works, you can’t apply oil-based products over water-based ones. You also have to decide the amount of wood grain you’d still like to be visible. Exterior stains are available in translucent, opaque and semi-transparent – with the last two having colors far from a brown wood’s natural range.


Paint is usually applied with the use of a sprayer or through dipping brushes or rags soaked with the stain. If you want a darker finish, you’ll have to apply multiple coats until you get the result you want. Ome advantage of staining over painting is that you won’t need to use a primer.



From the word itself, you can distress brand new oaks to give them a used and old look. You can consistently hit the wood using a chain, pound on it with a hammer, lodge nails on a stick and us the sharp edges to hit your oak beams or anything you can do to make the oak look worn out. The only limit is your imagination. This is usually done before applying a finish by either painting or staining, but some apply a bit of paint or stain first, then sand off the finish for a washed-out look. Others use crackling agents on the paint, making the oak beam look aged.


Patio beams are used for structural support to the roof. You can leave it as it is with its natural look, or you can add a finish to give your patio some style while also protecting it from elements. However it looks is your choice.…